My name is Jeff Althouse and I am the founder and owner of Mr. Jeff’s Music Academy.  I have been teaching music privately and in group settings for over twenty years.  I enjoy helping people of all age groups to successfully master a musical instrument. I believe that the education of the student is the first priority, not the retail environment or the sale. My faculty and I  offer instruction to over 100 students a week on all instruments. 
     My hours at the studio are contingent on the needs of my students and their appointments.  A general schedule of those appointments is the first button on the left, and is updated on a regular basis. Call or text me at any time.  I will answer all text inquiries as quickly as possible.  If you call during an appointment, please leave me a message with your need and I will call you back after or between student lessons.  If there is a need to drop off a rental instrument or acquire one, I can make a specific appointment with you that will match your schedule.  I am often at the studio seven days a week. 
     My piano studio contains a large instructional area which consists of a complete recording studio featuring the Kawaii RX3 professional grand piano. The other studios have a computer, and the necessities for teaching guitar, drums, vocalists, and the other instruments.  Located in the waiting area is a computer, keyboard, music library, and many other valuable resources beyond what most instructors are capable of in a music store environment. 
     Please feel free to compare our services with our competition at this link: http://www.musiclessonteachers.com/
Below are some pictures, please enjoy!!