Tuition Rates 
      There is a yearly non-refundable registration fee of $25 per family due the first week of September every year, or when a student begins taking lessons.  Students that start after the Spring recital will not have to pay the fee again in September of the same year.  This fee is to allow us maintain the schools equipment (pianos, computers, printer ink, paper, music service subscriptions, CDs and DVDs, etc…). 
     The price of 30 minute lessons: $22.00 x number of lessons in the month. If there are four lessons in a month, the fee is $88.00, if there are five in a month the fee is $110.00.  Books are not included.  
     Payment for lessons is due in advance on the first lesson of each month for the following month.  All fees paid are non-refundable.

   The school will always be flexible and offer makeup lessons for any lessons missed in the month.  If the lesson is not made up only $11.00 will be credited in the next billing cycle.  Planned absences will only receive a credit in the monthly bill of $11.00.  Students only get thirty days to make up their lesson.  If a student will be gone longer than 2 weeks they will have to reschedule upon their return.  Lessons missed without proper notification (text, phone call, email...) to the teacher will still be considered forfeited.  We will not charge, teach or be open for the following holidays: Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, New Years Day, and July 4th.  We will not charge for teacher absences.